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A Guide to The Cannes Fireworks Festival

Cannes Fireworks Festival

Every summer spectators from across the world descend on the French Riviera to witness the breath-taking spectacle that is the Cannes Fireworks Festival, which starts at 10:00pm on August 24th, 2019 at the Bay of Cannes.

The Cannes Fireworks Festival is an international fireworks competition by teams from around the world. The competition takes place in six countries: Germany, Italy, Austria, Sweden, United States and France.

This year, France will be represented by LUX FACTORY whose work fascinates audiences around the globe through pyrotechnics and street art that combine finesse and the power of images.

LUX FACTORY is driven by the desire to share a rich artistic universe. They are constantly innovating through the exploration of various emotions such as humour, dreams, fascination and the effect of surprise.

The competition requires the artistic presentation to have a theme, this year, LUX FACTORY have chosen ‘The Iron Mask’ as their theme which is sure to capture the audiences attention and inquisitive nature as they explore some of the emotions of the hisotroic mystery.

The Iron Mask, otherwise known as the ‘Man in the Iron Mask’ is a mystery of an unidentified prisoner who was arrested around 1669. Historians from around the world are unable to determin the reason for the prisoner’s incarceration or the true identity of this seemingly mysterious person.

The prisoner’s identity remained a secret due to the concealment of his name and face. He was made to wear a mask that is thought to have been made of black velvet cloth.

To accompany LUX FACTORY’s fantastic pyrotechnic display, they have also chosen a playlist that will be sure to excite:

2CELLOS: Thunderstruck

Lindsey Stirling: Crystallize

Lully: Walk for the Turkish ceremony

Polarys: March for the ceremony of the Turks

Piotr Illich Tchaikovsky: The Anthem of the Cherubim

Brass Against: Wake Up

Haendel: Sarabande

Sister Act: Oh Happy Day

Will you be attending this years Cannes Fireworks Festival?

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A Guide to The Cannes Fireworks Festival

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