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Ramatuelle property

With a population of only 2,500, Ramatuelle is a small, but picturesque medieval village that is perched on the side of a hill. Many people come to Ramatuelle and fall in love with the place and never leave.

Standing in the village you can see fabulous views of the Bay of Pampelonne and the famous beach of Pamelonne is just a short walk away. The beach has 5km of white sand and is carved with fantastic creeks and inlets with water as crystal clear as you’ll ever see.

People that own Ramatuelle property can enjoy the beautiful surroundings all year round due to the warm Mediterranean climate. There is also a rich and varied cultural presence in Ramatuelle with a number of vibrant jazz and classical music festivals as well as a particularly excellent theatre. Because of this rich cultural life and the privacy of the village and surrounding countryside, don’t be surprised to see the odd celebrity or two around town.

The heart of the village is arranged in a snail configuration with many narrow streets with a range of shops and businesses. There is always a sense of colour and vibrancy to Ramatuelle with flowers decorating most shop and home fronts.

There is a strong sense of history about Ramatuelle and there are a number of beautiful churches, memorials, a lighthouse and houses to visit. If you want to venture out into nature there is so much to see, with over 1400 hectares of woodland hills and 750 hectares of vineyards.

Ramatuelle property often comes at a premium because it is one of the most beautiful and desirable places to live in southern France. There are a number of attractive converted farm houses and luxury villas to choose from, each one with it’s own character and sublime views.

If you fall in love with Ramatuelle and manage to setup home here you’ll never want to leave. The beautiful weather, the rich diversity of culture, the traditional mixed with the modern and the beautiful setting make owning a Ramatuelle property a dream for anyone who visits the French Riviera.

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