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Valbonne property

valbonneValbonne is a fairly large town with a population of around 12,000 people. It is a beautiful place that is situated in a lovely valley and is surrounded by woodlands. Its peaceful surroundings and traditional French architecture have made Valbonne property much sought after.

Valbonne has really grown since the 70s because of the nearby Sophia-Antipolis science park. The influx of workers to the science park meant the town had to expand to accommodate the larger population and there are now a number of large residential areas, including one that is spread out amongst the surrounding woodland, making it appealing to those looking for a Valbonne property.

The town itself has been carefully restored and maintained and the old part of town has retained its 16th century character. Strolling through the old town you can see how lovingly it has been cared for and you feel like you have stepped back in time to old France with stone fronted houses, decorated lintels on doors and porches smothered in vines.

After visiting the many museums, historical buildings and monuments in Valbonne you could escape the heat and sit outside one of the many restaurants and cafes lining the streets that are shaded by the surrounding buildings.

If you fancy venturing a bit further out there are swimming pools, two golf courses, two nature parks, jogging circuits, horse riding and more. There are also a number of fairs and markets held throughout the year where you can pick up handicrafts and local produce.

For your day to day shopping there is a complex on the outside of the town, which has been specifically placed to let the centre keep its historic charm and character. Housing developments are kept out of the centre of Valbonne to make sure the town keeps its historic roots intact.

There is lots of Valbonne property to choose from and you can often pick up a good deal in one of the town’s residential developments. If you fancy a bit of isolation there are also a number of luxurious villas outside of the centre of Valbonne with their own swimming pools to take the edge off the Mediterranean sun. If you search hard you might also be able to find an authentic townhouse so you can enjoy your own little bit of historic Valbonne property.

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