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Events Not to Be Missed This Summer On The French Riviera

French Riviera Events

Every year a fantastic range of events take place that bring together communities from across the French Rivera. We’ve put together some of the top events that you should be sure not to miss this summer.

1)    Feast Of The Saint Pierre

June 29th, Port District

The sea has always played an important role in everyday life for the people of Nice, the fishermen would sail off to bring back fish that would feed their families and help to supply the market of the “Navy” or the Place Saint Francis.

In an effort to counter the fury of the natural elements at sea and invoke the clemency of Heaven, the locals place themselves under the protection of St Peter. Once a year locals honour their patron saint by organising a moving procession in Old Nice.

In the evening, the fishermen’s club gathers on the beach to burn the boat of the poorest of them. After the boat is burnt, the fisherman is offered a new one.

Feast Of The Saint Pierre Festival In The South Of France
The Feast Of The Saint Pierre

2)    Festival d’Art Pyrotechnique

July 14th, Cannes

This summer you can’t miss the opportunity to attend one of the most stunning fireworks displays you’re very likely to see at the Festival d’Art Pyrotechnique in Cannes.

This year, the magnificent spectacle takes place following the theme of “The Iron Mask”. The Iron Mask is an integral part of history in the French Rivera. The Iron Mask is the name that is widely associated with an unidentified prisoner who was arrested around 1669 and was held in a number of French prisons including the Bastille and the Fortress of Pinerol.

The prisoner was never identified due to a mask of black velvet cloth. It is widely speculated by historians why the prisoner was apprehended, made to wear a mask to conceal his identify and why there is no record of his identify.

This story comes to life in a spectacular thematic display accompanied by music, lights and fireworks at the Festival d’Art Pyrotechnique in Cannes on July 14th.

3)    Nice Classic Live

July 15th, Nice

Nice Classic Live sees a collection of wonderful artists of all generations and walks of life. The spectacular live show is renowned for its passion and quality, not to mention it takes place in the spectacular grounds of the Colister of the Monastery.

The event features artists such as: Michel Béroff, Jean-François Heisser, Marie-Josèphe Jude, Olivier Charlier, Xavier Phillips and Patrick Messina.

What ever your taste in classical music is, there will be something for you to enjoy this year with nights such as Vivaldi – Piazzolla The Seasons on July 15th, or Fresques: Fantastic and Mysticism on Wednesday 17th July.

Nice Classic Live

4)    Nice Jazz Festival

July 16th to 20th

Every year over 60,000 people gather in Nice to attend Nice Jazz Festival. Established in 1948, the festival started off as the first Jazz festival’s to ever be held in France and it has continued to maintain its international prestige.

This year the festival will feature the Black Eyed Peas, Angel, Ibrahim Maalouf, Neneh Cherry not to mention Nile Rodgers & Chic and Jean-Luc Ponty.

Nice Jazz Festival

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Events Not to Be Missed This Summer On The French Riviera

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