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Renovating Your Property In The French Riviera

Renovating Property - French Riviera

Renovating any home can be a daunting project due to the costs and risks involved, although there is a wide variety or properties on the market to purchase in The French Riviera there are some who will still prefer to renovate their own home from apartments to houses and country villas.

When renovating your property in the French Riviera, there are several important pieces of documentation that you should ensure you have before any work begins.

Certificat d’Urbanisme is a document that outlines the planning rules applicable to your renovation plans and helps to determine if the changes will be approved.

You’ll also need to make sure you get a Déclaration Préalable de Travaux. The déclaration préalable de travaux is a simple and straightforward form with planning permission information. Depending on the alterations you want to make, this could potentially be the only form you need.

Furthermore, you may also need to ensure that you have a Permis de Construire. This is a complete permit that is required to further develop your property and its surroundings. If you’re going to be making changes that will affect the properties taxable value, this permit is mandatory. Additions to your property such as extensions or the addition of an outbuilding will also require that you are granted a Permis de Construire.

A couple of other things that you will have to consider when renovating a property in The French Riviera is the hiring and managing of labour.

You may feel more comfortable hiring labour workers that speak your language so that you can effectively communicate but we recommend not overlooking the possibility of hiring French workers and talking to the locals and neighbouring towns. This will not only help with building a relationship with your soon-to-be neighbours, but also working with the locals will allow you to communicate with shipping merchants delivering products, equipment and materials to the site.

If you’re unlikely to be spending the majority of your time at the property it may also be beneficial to hire a project manager that you can trust to be on site. They will be able to organise the project whilst you continue to go about your daily life in your home country.

Furthermore, if you’re looking to make a profit on your renovation, it is advised that you be meticulous with every aspect of the renovation project. Some people take a business-like approach to renovations to ensure to turn a profit. However, sometimes the housing market may turn during the renovation and objectives may change.

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Renovating Your Property In The French Riviera

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