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Picasso’s love for the French Riviera

One of the main, local attractions in the old town of Antibes is the Chateau Grimaldi, the home of the Musee Picasso and former residence of the Grimaldi family. Named after the famous Spanish painter, Pablo Picasso, this fantastic castle became the first museum dedicated to a single artist.

How Pablo Picasso came to reside on the French Riviera

Previously residing in Paris, Picasso decided to move to the Cote d’Azur following a visit to fellow artist, Louis Fort, who lived in Golfe-Juan. Falling in love with the coastline between Antibes and Cannes, Picasso liked to spend his time strolling along the beach and it is was through this love that he met a photographer called Michel Sima.

Artist in residence at Musee Grimaldi

Sima informed Picasso of the studio space available at the Musee Grimaldi (formerly Chateau Grimaldi). Struggling to find art to fill the exhibition space, the museum’s curator happily offered Picasso a room- based on the second floor of the building- to use as a studio space, which was where Picasso spent his nights creating some of his greatest masterpieces.

During his art residency at Chateau Grimaldi, Picasso produced 23 paintings and 44 drawings. On leaving the studio space, Pablo Picasso donated these works of art to the museum and demanded that they should remain in Antibes for the foreseeable future.

Musee Picasso

The Musee Picasso now plays host to a variety of the artist’s most famous pieces including La Joie de Vivre (1946) and Ulysse et les Sirènes (1947).


La Joie de Vivre (1946)


Ulysse et les Sirènes (1947)

During this life living on the French Riviera, Picasso also created his “L’Homme au mouton” sculpture, his “Ménines” series.

In total, the museum houses 250 works by the famous artist, varying from paintings, drawings, ceramics, tapestries and sculptures. However, it does also feature the work of Nicolas de Stael, Hans Hartung and Anne-Eva Bergman.

Picasso’s love for the French Riviera

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