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Romance on the Riviera: Why the South of France is the Perfect Place to Spend Valentine’s Day

Two Champagne Glasses overlooking sun and sea

Where better for a romantic getaway than the gorgeous, glamorous French Riviera? If you are lacking inspiration for Valentine’s Day this year, the blue skies and picturesque seaside towns of the Cote d’Azur are sure to create the perfect backdrop for you and your chéri(e) to sip on champagne, savour Michelin-star food and watch the sunset.

We’ve picked out some of the most charming and scenic spots on the French Riviera, so that you can enjoy a relaxing break with your beloved.

Perfume & Flowers

Trust the French Riviera to add something a little special to traditional Valentine’s Day gestures. Give more than the latest celebrity fragrance, visit Grasse and create your very own scent as a present for your loved one. Exclusive, glamourous and personal – it’s the perfect Valentine’s gift.

For an elegant bouquet that will plant a smile on the face of your partner, take a stroll through the bright and colourful flower market in the heart of old Nice. A rainbow of flowers, fruit, vegetables, soaps, oils, spices and olives, the Cours Saleya market is a beautiful place to spend a sunny morning. The market quietens down around lunchtime, with many stalls packing up to make room for the restaurants.

Picturesque Views

The hilly, medieval setting of the Alpes-Maritimes is made for fairytale romance. Explore the villages and lose yourselves in the narrow lanes, but don’t miss the breath-taking views over the Southern Alps and the Mediterranean Sea.

sunset valentines

There are many idyllic spots to watch the sun go down on the French Riviera, but one of our favourites has to be the view from Nice’s Castle Hill, where you can watch the sunset over the Baie des Anges and look out over the whole of Nice. Another romantic scene on the Cote d’Azur is the Bay of Cannes, watch the sun turn the sky a delightful pink, as the evening draws in.

Romantic Restaurants

Due to the French Riviera’s multiple Michelin starred restaurants, deciding where to eat is never an easy task. But France is the country of love, an wherever you and your love choose to dine, the Cote d’Azur can offer you beautiful views, delicious food and the best champagne.

We hope that our romantic guide to the Cote d’Azur has helped you prepare for your most romantic Valentine’s Day to date. Few things are as romantic as enjoying new experiences together and we’re sure you’ll both fall in love with the French Riviera.

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Romance on the Riviera: Why the South of France is the Perfect Place to Spend Valentine’s Day

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