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Property Management

As specialist property managers, Bruce International can be of assistance to make sure that your dream home in the South of France is a dream come true. Whether you are; looking at purchasing real estate, planning on redecorating or renovating, considering landscaping, or hosting a dinner party Bruce International property services can help.

If you are finding the language barrier difficult, struggling to the find the time to fulfil the tasks required when purchasing a property, or require help from a French property expert, we can handle everything on your behalf.

We provide a variety of comprehensive property management services:

  • Assistance in the initial connecting water and electricity supplies, and telephone services
  • Regular, weekly property inspections in your absence throughout the year and after heavy rains or strong winds
  • Verifying all connections, entrance gates and fencing
  • Reporting of any problems which may arise or repairs that require authorization. Immediate remedial action will be taken in the event of damage and repairs will be carried out with your approval.
  • Emptying your mail box every week and forwarding it to you by email, if requested
  • Supervision of any pool and garden maintenance or house cleaning
  • Supervision of work carried out in the house or garden, if requested
  • Starting and running of cars, if requested
  • Arranging for cars to be serviced and « contrôle technique »
  • Verifying the level of heating, oil, and gas and ordering more if necessary
  • Organising chimney sweeping, boiler cleaning and pest control services
  • Purchasing flowers and essential provisions prior to your arrival as requested (cost plus 15% service charge with a minimum service charge €20)
  • Arranging transport to and from the airport for arrivals and departures if requested (cost plus 15% service charge with a minimum service charge €20)
  • Administration services: Reading of the electricity and water meters, payment of the monthly salaries to your employees by «Cheque Emploi Service» which you should supply in advance to be kept in our office safe


When you arrive on the Côte d’Azur, you will find there is a fair amount of bureaucratic administration to deal with. As experienced property experts, Bruce International can step in to eliminate any costly or time consuming errors and make the whole process a lot easier. With our company recommended tradespeople, we can help you to eliminate the stress involved in explaining your needs, help you find the best material suppliers, obtain estimates and negotiate the most advantageous prices.


You can rest assured that Bruce International’s specialist Riviera property management services will be carried out with the best interests of you in mind. We offer a personalized service, where we will take buyers to purchase items – from kitchen and bathroom fixtures to towels and bedding- depending on your requirements.

We can also assist with the organisation of a variety events such as birthday parties, cocktail parties or and receptions. We can also put you in touch with professionals in the events & hospitality industry, who will be able to provide you with the best tips and tricks for success.

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